What is The Chalet?

Chalet del Carmen Coyoacán®

Registro en el Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial (IMPI): 1856731

The Chalet del Carmen Coyoacán® Is a concept born of the union of a Swiss woman and a Coyoacanense Mexican man, -hostesses of their hotel par excellence- who decided to open the doors of their home to visitors from all over the world, under the concept of a Chalet that alternates the European with the Mexican concepts: under premises of simplicity, comfort, hygiene and practicity with warmth, under European quality standards.

It is also an Ecological House as far as possible, we take care of the use of water, lighting and natural ventilation in all the spaces, we have purification processes and mineralization of running water, we use solar heaters to supply our services, as well as energy photovoltaic to generate electricity, we separate waste.

Chalet del Carmen, is an Urban House, from the typical neighborhood of Coyoacan, in Mexico City, which is a construction of discrete dimensions, respects structure, aesthetics, and proportions are appropriate to its environment.

Where the rooms and other areas have been readjusted to typical spaces of the area: in 6 rooms and 2 suites, each with its personality and characteristics, give a very unique touch to this Chalet. Being in Coyoacan, invites us to always preserve green corners.

The quality of the services that we offer, carry by standard warmth that respects the individuality and privacy of the visitors. We work under an innovative scheme that we have called Ecological and Sustainable Housing of Urban Leasing®.

For the safety and trust of our visitors, we have video surveillance systems, which are active 24/7; and our team is qualified to assist you at all times.

Zona fotovoltaicas, hot pipes o termosifón bifásico, depósitos y controles de agua caliente sanitaria