Important announcement !!

Dear friends and visitors, we inform you that as a consequence of the pandemic that is punishing our society (Due to our indiscriminate predation and consumerism against nature), Chalet del Carmen Coyoacán® has decided to keep its facilities closed.

Taking advantage of this time to remodel and recondition the facility for greater comfort, safety and enjoyment of our visitors, so we will reopen doors foreseeable in February 1, 2021.

We are working under the Long Stay Format, that is a minimum of 21 days stay, with a price adjustment to the basic services that we continue to offer in a limited way, for the good of us all. As we do not have the front desk service temporarily, we ask you if you are interested, to please contact us by calling the phone number 555 659 1611 or 555 554 9572 or via email at: [email protected]

M & M.
Margrit Ehrensperger & Manuel Genis
Tenants, owners and administrators


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Chalet del Carmen Coyoacán

Chalet del Carmen is located in one of the most beautiful places in Coyoacan, this space is a haven to enjoy your stay in the south of Mexico City, better than a hotel.

Our mexican swiss concept

The Chalet del Carmen Coyoacán®, is a concept born of the union of a Swiss woman and a Coyoacanense Mexican man, -hostesses of their hotel par excellence- who decided to open the doors of their home to visitors from all over the world, under the concept of a Chalet that alternates the European with the Mexican concepts; under premises of simplicity, comfort, hygiene and practicity with warmth, under European quality standards.

European Quality, Latin Warmth

Some of our Suites and Rooms All Suites & Rooms are in excellent conditions of hygiene and conservation, enjoying all optimal ventilation and natural light, as well as natural wood floors, its own bathroom with hand shower, refrigerator, safe, and much more…

Some of our Suites and Rooms

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