About This Project


Bed: Double

Room size: 11.85 m2

Heating: No

Max: 2 People

Free Wi-Fi

Telephone: 5659 1611 & 5554 9572,
Ext. 119


Heidi obeys in essence the name of the mother of the current owner who was Hedwig, it is not the same name but it is also a typical name of Switzerland, we made a phonetic translation in our villa to get the atmosphere and recreation of the famous children’s story of the same name, which obviously has an enormous connotative load and, since its mere mention recalls many passages among Heidi, her grandfather and her friend Pedro, in the beautiful grasslands and mountains of the Swiss Alps. Small but very cozy.

Heidi Is 11.85 m2 also with parquet floor, consisting of double bed (1 or 2 person), closet, desk, chair, bathroom, and a 32inc screen TV